Perfect Making of the Great Film for You

The company is much more difficult in the action film, that is to say, that intends to represent and interpret the life and conduct of men, their passions, aspirations and struggles.

  • In this sort of argument, the ideal film is not something of every day; yet such films are, by comparison with the number, by far the most common. While this proves that such a genre is more in demand and appreciated by the public, at the same time it experiences the serious difficulties that its implementation offers to the ideal film.
  • Already we explained, talking about the importance of cinematography, and studying the thing on the part of the viewer, in what constitutes the attractiveness of the action film, what influences it exerts in the soul and what psychological reactions it gives rise to. The same reflections now return to consideration, however, considered in their causes, the first of which is certainly the content, that is, the material that is chosen to deal with.

Now precisely in the choice of the content the difficulties begin for the author or conscientious producer, who proposes the ideal action film; others come, below, from the configuration and delimitation, especially in the most important moments, of the same matter; others, and not always surmountable, by the availability of actors, who are capable of giving a humanly and aesthetically perfect expression to the chosen object. Check out 123movies to watch movies online.

Can every conceivable subject therefore be accepted by those proposing the ideal film? Some reasons for exclusion have already been indicated, based on moral, social and human concerns, which necessarily restrict the indiscriminate freedom of choice.

Two particular questions, however, deserve to be considered with greater care.

Films on religious topics

The first is: in action films is it allowed to take religious subjects as subjects?

The answer is that we can not see why such arguments should be generally and in principle excluded, especially since the experience, attempted in this genre, has already given some good results in films of strictly religious content.

But even when the theme is not expressly such, the ideal action film should not ignore the religious element. It has indeed been noted that even morally irreproachable films can nevertheless succeed spiritually harmful, if they offer the viewer a world in which there is no mention of God and the men who believe in Him and venerate Him, a world in which people live and they die as if God did not exist. Sometimes a short moment, a word about God, a thought towards Him, a sigh of trust in Him, a plea for divine help can suffice in a film. The great majority of the people believe in God, and in their life religious sentiment has a considerable part. Nothing therefore is more natural and more appropriate that it should be duly taken into account in the film. In 123movies now you will have the best options available.